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Last week, Tiana represented the composer Claudiu Bulete, in the Festival « Mamaia Copiilor » with her first original song « Vise de Carton » that he wrote. Tiana participated in the Creation Section of 2020, that was not held last year due to the problems created by the virus worldwide, so the competition was held this year, between the composers of the songs, not the children who were performing them.

Our little star managed to create a memorable and exciting moment, at only 11 years old. She did not only sang perfectly, but also left the stage pleased which is the most important thing out of this whole experience. You can find her performance here:

The contest was held in Constanța, Romania, and we managed to film the beauty of the city and of the Black Sea sorrounding it. This little trip was the cause to a lot of interesting vlogs sprinkled with a little fun by our jokes and Tiana’s official rubric « Big Brain Time with Tiana ». Even Tiana’s experience at this contest was inserted in vlog. Here you can see what she goes through during music competitions and how she leaves every emotion aside in order to create the unique moments she always does:

or here:

In the following vlogs, you are going to see Constanța and its resorts with your eyes and through our eyes. Keep an eye out for our next vlogs, especially the last one, which is the funniest!

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