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An artist I believe has a bright future ahead is Iulia Teleuca . Only 14 years old, almost 15 (born at 04.08. 2006, in Chișinău, Moldova), but she does way much more than a kid her age does, showing how much she loves her hobbies, but mostly being on stage. Iulia is a singer, dancer, roller skater, model and for sure a role model for the people who get the chance to watch her! The hard work she puts in everything she does is accompanied by her talent that makes her stand out. This perfect combo creates beautiful and exciting moments like these two she had on « Next Star » , Romania 2018 and « Romania’s Got Talent » , 2021:

Here, Iulia performs « It don’t mean a thing » , by Ella Fitzgerald on the « Next Star » , Romania stage, in 2018. She does not only sing wonderfully, but she also has the rhythm in her blood, dancing and moving fantastically throughout the song! Her incredible breath control is another proof of how hard working she is! Iulia’s love for dancing has brought her to important dancing competitions like « TV Starry Hour » (Moldova), In 2019, where she became semifinalist; « TV Dance Power » where she became finalist. She also participated in 2020, in the first season of « Drumul spre copii » (The road to children) . You can watch her touching performance from this year (2021),« Drumul spre copii » (The road to Children) here:


Her moment is called « Prayer » and it’s about the love of God.

This is her performance on « Romania’s Got Talent » , 2020. I was personally left speechless by her impeccable moment and I know you will be too. At the end of the performance she had a little talk with the judges and revealed that she knows 5 languages ​​(Russian, Romanian, English, French and German). Iulia is an eminent student and finished middle school with success.

In 2019, the president of Moldova gave her a diploma as a reward for the work done that year. In 2020, she was given the title « The Person of The Year » by the VIP MAGZIN magazine, in the Junior section. She participated in contests in different countries like: Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Serbia, Spain, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Iulia has been singing and dancing from a really young age (5 years old) and her professionalism has spoken!

If Iulia Teleuca caught my attention, she will catch the worlds too!

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