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 Las Kandy is a girl Duo formed by Ariadna and Nadinne, two very talented girls from Canary Islands. Before the band was formed, each of them was singing on their own, on various competitions. In the end, these two beautiful and young girls, aged 18 and 19 today, united their two delicate voices.
     They started on the very beginning of radio Saumur, at the same time as Celia Jimerez Ruiz, the Godmother of our association
      Las Kandy is a Duo that, I believe should really be appreciated and will be appreciated. Each of them learned themselves how to sing; no music school, no rehearsal room, only the halls of the houses and their rooms to repeat their songs and this is really impressive.
They are very passionate about everything they do and it shows! I believe this is the most important thing an artist can do: work to improve! They are guests on the biggest TV set and the biggest radio station, they know how to make their place among the new generation.
Even though they are this young, they are working on their THIRD ALBUM !!! They received the trophy Best Duo 2021 Kids, in the world, a reward that deserves hands down.
       I am happy to say that this young girls duo remains inseparable. If you don’t find them at one you will find them at another. They complement each other, having different personalities: Nadinne is much quieter than Ariadna, who loves joking and making everyone laugh. They both have different loads of qualities that just make me like them even more! On the other side, Nadinne is more serious, which gives a balance to the group. She is hard to discover and this is her real charm! 
      When you thought they couldn’t get better, they show kindness and love to their fans! How can something be better than this! They are always very close to their fans! They wish them happy birthday wishes and even improvise small private concerts for some of the certain. And they are Often present in the children’s hospitals for the Christmas holidays and others. A little spoiler: In 2022, a CD will be released with the help of Tony, the president of the association!
        Las Kandy is the raw representation of Talent, Courage, Strong-Will and Love! I just love them and I know you will too!

You will find their videos on their pages