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     Listening to the songs you’ve worked on and that you like the most, one after each other, I believe is one of the most beautiful things. Nowadays, there are a lot of modalities through which you can do this, but an album remains an abum. Its complexity is mostly given by the songs on the album, but most importantly, the way the singer performs them. And here we came to the album Astrid Muthu released a few days ago. Astrid put so much emotion in everything she sang, listening to the songs gave me such an intense feeling, that I needed to take a break before listening to the last one, to recover a little and then go back into the state I was in while listening.

    Astrid is not even 15, but already has achieved so many great things. Besides the album that you can buy from her parents, she was finalist of The Show “Next Star”, Romania, in 2018, she participated in „Voice of Romania Junior”, in Inna’s team and has won several prizes in competitions. She is studying at the Arts High School, in Oradea and studying music at the Children’s Palace in the same city, under the guidance of Dana Oprescu. Astrid is a very talented girl and it shows in the songs she sang and put on the album. „Back to Black”, by Amy Winehouse, „The House Of The Rising Sun”, by The Animals, „Reckless”, by Madison Beer and „Pedepseste-ma dar nu pleca” (Punish me, but don’t go), by Nicoleta Nuca are all vocally very hard songs and she sang them all. The best part is that we get to hear her interpretation of them through the album.

   Astrid is also a song-writer. She loves writing her own songs, but is also looking for people who can write songs suitable for her voice. Honestly, she can sing pretty much anything so, I believe that any song would be suitable for her voice.

    What I love a lot about Astrid is that she can transform any dull song in something full of sparkle and not a lot of people can do that! She is a singer that people need to listen to!

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