Ema Presents Ana Maria Baltag Diaconu, a Complex, But Wonderful Artist

She is Ana Maria Baltag Diaconu, a 12 year old amazing singer from Curtea de Argeș, Romania. She loves what she does and she believes in Erics Olsen’s quote “Music is what life sounds”.

She’s always been a very hard working girl, statement supported by the fact that she’s been singing for 3 years now with her teacher Adina Sima. She’s been getting stage presence advice from the stage director Silvia Ionescu. We can tell she’s been listening to the advice she’s been getting, since her stage presence is breathtaking. She’s also been studying guitar for 3 years with her teacher Cristi Matei, and recently started taking piano classes, which quickly became her new passion! What a multi-talented and hard working girl, right? I love seeing young kids( again, ONLY 12 years old) occupying their time with useful and interesting activities. But, trust me, what comes next is shocking!!!

Just like anything else, the beginning is always the hardest. The second prize Ana Maria won in her first contest ambitioned her to get bigger results. Her work got rewarded with The international pop section trophy at the “Mini-Stars Duel”- Duelul minivedetelor, at Rasnov, 2018, followed by the second prize won at The international Music Festival for Children and Youth “Stars of The Song”, at Câmpulung, Romania, 2018; first prize at the international festival, from Moscow “Glory of the Homeland”- Slava Patriei, the first prize at  Lemari International Festival, that was held at Belarus,The international pop section trophy at the National Festival “La Dolce Musica.  As I said, she really took the advice because she won Trophy for the best stage presence – International Festival of music for Children and Youth “Stars of The Song”, Campulung, Romania. She also won First place – HermanstandFest Sibiu International Festival – June 2019 – international pop section and 1st place – Ryga Shymphony International Festival December 11-15, 2019 – international pop and folk section.

And the list just doesn’t end! The talented Ana Maria’s participated in online music contests as well! She won the first prize at International festival “Preparing Stars”, Baia Mare, 1st PLACE – Lemari International Festival – Belarus,1st prize at the International Festival Russia, first prize at the international festival Good Vibes, from Romania, The frist prize at the International Festival « Sing At Home », from ITALIA; THE SILVER TROPHY at the Taylor Music fest; The First prize at the International Danubis, 1st prize at the International Festival Musicland, 2020; The trophy of the Folk, Music, Ethno, romanian Pop section – Romanian Festival Top 10 Brasov 2021 and THE WINNER OF THE FESTIVAL THE CONSTELLATION OF JOY- « Unexpected contest », 2021.

One thing I truly love about Ana Maria is that she truly loves singing and that’s what truly matters! Once passion’s set in, nobody can stop her and it shows in her results! In only three years of singing, she has reached the level a lot of people dream of. The difference between her and those many is that she worked and made that dream come true AT ONLY 12 YEARS! A tip from her: « regardless of the award received, do not give up dreaming and believing in yourself !!! ».

This is Ana Maria Baltag Diaconu, a complex, but wonderful artist!


She has two original songs on her youtube channel, you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCllDiQhr0vXGSEEDee7k9Zw

Also, here you can find her social media: Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ana.maria.music/

Facebook: personal page: https://www.facebook.com/anamaria.baltagdiaconu

artist page: https://www.facebook.com/anamaria.baltagdiaconu

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